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The Sports Comedian is a satire site focusing on the world of sports. We started back in April 2007 as a personal blog, but expanded to fake comedy news in September 2007 to coincide with the NFL season. Since then we have provided more sports satire than any other site out there, with multiple stories per day and multiple updates per week. We offer a professionally designed and maintained site with stories taken from the day's headlines, something no other sports satire source offers.

We are frequently featured on the front pages of sites like,, Deadspin, Bleacher Report, and more. We have also recently expanded our offering to include multimedia content like videos. If you are looking for fun sports content, there is only one bookmark you need, and that's

Read about our team members below.

Current Staff

    * Tim Hoffman - Site Founder & Head Writer
    * Matt Webb - Staff Writer
    * Nick Cafferky - Staff Writer
    * Gaurav Gulati - Video Producer/Editor

Former Staff Members

    * Bill Zimmerman - Staff Writer, December 2007-March 2008

Tim Hoffman

 Tim is the founder and head writer on, which he founded back in 2007 out of internet boredom. A web developer since the age of 11, Tim has a degree in Radio-Television from the Univeristy of Central Florida. He has done improv, online comedy videos, and written for several websites over the past decade.

His favorite teams are the Bengals and Rockies, although they both are usually so depressingly bad, he can only laugh at them. On weekdays he works in radio.

He likes him some video games in his spare time, and is recently trying to get into wine. Because that's what classy people do: drink wine...while playing video games.

Matt Webb

Matt Webb is one of the grossly overpaid and highly unskilled staff writers for He claims to have a degree in English Literature from an accredited institution, which seems odd considering his apparent lack of understanding for even the most basic rules of composition and grammar.

Matt has attempted to play sports his entire life, including stints when he was actually selected to play on several organized teams. There are also bowling trophies in a box somewhere in his basement, but he is pretty sure they were there when he moved in. Matt has an incredibly understanding wife and two awesomely beautiful girls who love him in spite of his need to attempt humor, even at the most inappropriate times.

He is a huge fan of the Tennessee Vols, and enjoys watching anything sports related (except Bass Fishing, the Espys and the WNBA). Matt’s bio feels quite emasculated when compared to that of Tim Hoffman. . .I’m just saying.

Nick Cafferky

Nick (yea, I talk in the third with it) has the ego of Terrell Owens and is absolutely convinced he is the most beautiful person on Earth.

He is a sophomore Communications major with a specialty of Print and Electronic Journalism at Virginia Tech. I addition to the school work he dominates, he is a sports reporter for the Tech newspaper (the Collegiate Times), a feature columnist at Bleacher Report for the Baltimore Orioles and Virginia Tech football, and maintains two blogs (Caff’s Corner and NFC Beasts).

Caff knows more about sports than anyone you will ever meet. Whether it is football, baseball, or basketball, he knows more than is healthy. I am also learned in lacrosse, soccer, golf, tennis, tennis. Honestly, he goes back and forth every day about whether knowing that much is awesome or sad.

Gaurav Gulati

Gaurav Gulati is a 24 year old TV/Film major currently attending Seminole State College in Florida, and planning to graduate in the year 2011. He has a vast knowledge of all things production wise, and frequently lets others know this, usually by screaming obscenities when continuity is destroyed in any way. He also uses this knowledge to produce, shoot, and edit videos for Green-screens, half-suits, impromptu vuvuzelas, you name it, he’s done it. Well, if it’s one of those four things, anyway. 

As a professional, Gaurav is currently working as a freelance Production Assistant for hire in the Central Florida region, lending his talents to companies such as Pink Sneakers Productions, which specializes in popular reality TV shows on major cable networks.

In his off time, Gaurav enjoys the same pleasures as any male, such as video games, booze, and the occasional game of Russian Roulette down by the docks(every Saturday night, bring a dish). He frequents downtown Orlando in search of criminals to thwart, but usually gives up to ingest more alcohol.

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