Sunday Feb 18

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Do you have a passion for sports?

Do you have a satirical eye and a good sense of humor?

If so, you have what it takes to work for The Sports Comedian! We're currently looking for writers who can analyze the sports headlines, bylines, and statlines in funny and innovative ways. Our goal here at is to provide our reader's daily sports fix in the most hilarious way possible. A Sports Comedian reporter would be able to post news events, articles, special reports, or anything else they wanted here on the site.

We currently have only one writer doing most of the writing, and hence this site is not everything it could be with more people contributing. Help to turn the site, and your writing, into the most visited sports-comedy destination on the internet. This job is unpaid, as we currently make about 3 cents a week on this site. If we expand past that 3 cents, we will consider paying people. No experience necessary, all you need is a sense of humor.

Send us an example news blurb like we feature on our main page, or even a whole article. If it's good, or even if it's semi-decent, we'll contact you about joining the The Sports Comedian team!

E-mail your submission to for consideration!

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